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Find out the details to include in a management paper when writing in APA format. This applies to any topic and an essay.

How to Write a Management Essay in APA Format

Management is one of the majors that students choose to pursue while at the university. In management, your education gives you the skills and knowledge to manage people and other resources. Managing these things is the same, whether it is in a company, a social club, or a one-time event. When writing management essays, it is important to know a few tips on how to write a term paper in APA format.

Always Follow the Usual Structure of an Essay

You must write a paper with an introduction, body, and conclusion. This is the normal structure of all papers. Whether the essay is argumentative or critical, you have to introduce the readers to what you are going to discuss. Next, you should support your argument with major points in the body and summarize the paper in conclusion. Papers that do not follow this structure may lose marks, and you may fail in your final exams.

You Must Have a Title Page

All APA papers must have a title page. This page consists of the title of the paper, the student’s name, and the institution. The title should have at least twelve words, but it should not also be too long. The three details must be placed at the center of the page. Note that the title page also has a running head that must be different from that of the other pages. The running head consists only of the title of the paper written in uppercase, starting from the second page. The title page has the same format, but the title is preceded by the word running head written in sentence case. For better understanding, below is an example.

First page:


Other pages:


All pages have a page number written on the top far left corner after the running head.

Write an Abstract for the Essay

An abstract is a summary of the key points in your essay. It should appear on its page above the introduction of the essay. If you were writing a dissertation, your abstract should give the main points. For example, it should state the main problem you want to investigate, objectives, methods, results, and conclusion. These should be summarized because you have already covered them in details in the report. You can write in prose, but if you want your paper to be more presentable, you can have a section for each of these details in the abstract. It also depends on how your college wants it to appear, so make sure you find out if your professor recommends any of these structures.

Find Credible References for the Essay

Use only credible sources of information the same way you would do when writing a management paper using any other formatting style. Find information from credible in your library database. If you are studying a company, you can also find information from the firm’s websites because this is where they publish information for public use.